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Customers visit online stores precisely for buying products sitting in the comfort of their homes. An e-commerce store must have ready availability of products as customers from around the globe try to access them all round the clock and from anywhere.


Since an online store makes available innumerable products it is of utmost importance to arrange these into groups or categories. These classifications help in the proper arrangement of the products. From the ‘Categories’ page by clicking on the ‘Add Category’ button categories can be added.


Different products are included in the ‘Product’ page and along with it the images of its variants, the price, weight, inventory details and also the scope for search engine listing of the products are also provided.


Did you know?

You can delete variants from your products as a bulk action.


For an e-commerce store keeping track of the inventory is of absolute importance. The stock of products can be checked without much hassle. From the ‘Product’ page click on the name of the product and update the inventory whenever it is necessary.